Meet Vicki Caloiero: She Considers Hershey a House “Sold” Word!

This post originally appeared on the company blog in March of 2014, featured as a “Real Estate Spotlight” interview segment between Executive Administrator, Candy Ortenzio, and real estate sales professional, Vicki Caloiero.


Welcome to another round of Real Estate Agent Spotlight. Today I’m meeting with an agent who has deep roots in the Hershey community. She has lived here, raised her family here, and continues to consider Hershey her home “sweet” home.  Please meet, Vicki Caloiero.

CO:  Vicki, how long have you been working in the real estate field?
VC:  I’ve been listing and selling properties for almost thirty years.

CO:  That tells me you love what you do and you’re successful at it.  Looking back, what made you take the plunge initially?
VC:  It afforded me the ability to support my family while raising our three sons and putting my husband through college.

CO:  You’ve definitely accomplished a lot. I’m sure it’s extremely satisfying knowing how your career contributed to the success of your family. What do you like best about working in real estate?
VC:  Meeting people. It’s great to interact with buyers and sellers and help them  achieve their goals.

CO:  Off the top of your head, what was the oddest or most embarrassing thing that happened to you while showing homes?
VC:  Being bit by a cat trying to escape. One of my biggest fears in showing properties with pets is that the pet will get out under my watch, so I am hyper-vigilant about making sure they are secure.  I fear they will escape and being an animal lover, I would not rest until they were returned. I see myself on foot screaming ‘Fluffy’ for hours.  Sooooooooo….with this in mind I was showing a home in-town Hershey and was following my buyers outside. I was about to close the door when I saw this yellow flash making a beeline for the door. My instant reaction was to block it with my hand. The yellow Tiger cat bit me, drawing blood. My buyers were horrified, but the cat did not escape.  When I got in my car to leave, I saw the cat sitting on the windowsill sneering at me.  I question who the victor was!

CO: I adore felines, and that sounds just like a cat! Now, how about something rewarding, because I know you’ve had plenty of those moments too.
VC:  I’m always touched when I can help a single parent realize the dream of home ownership. It’s especially rewarding when seen in the eyes of their children.

CO: I can understand where you would find that gratifying. What do you see as the top three characteristics needed to be a real estate agent?
VC:  Honesty, integrity and confidence. Combined, they spell success.

CO: How do you see the real estate industry changing in the months and years ahead?
VC: I think technology will continue to dominate and enhance the profession, but there is no replacement for personal service. A good percentage of my business comes from personal referrals. It’s great to know a seller or buyer thought highly enough of me and the service I provided to refer me to a friend, family member of associate. That always makes me feel great.

CO: Speaking of friends and family, would you like to share a bit of your own family background?
VC: I was born in Hershey and have lived here all of my life, raising three sons. I love being a part of my grown sons lives, especially watching my 23 month granddaughter, Lilia, grow. I also studied architectural historic preservation, and am actively involved in promoting and keeping our area’s treasures intact through the Historical Society.

CO: Between real estate, family and education, you have a busy schedule! What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
VC: I’m an art historian, and volunteer at The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, and The Hershey Story as a docent.

CO: I had no idea you were a docent. That’s fantastic. How rewarding to share your knowledge with others. Here’s a few quick questions for you:  What is the last book you read?
VC: Anna Quindlen’s ‘Still Life with Bread Crumbs’

Vicki Caloiero's gorgeous large white dog, Tessa, in living room settingCO: Do you have any pets?
VC: Yes, I have a four-year old, 93 pound Maremma sheepdog named Tessa. Or I should say she has me.

CO: Looking at her picture, I can see why you would say that! But she’s beautiful. What’s your favorite vacation destination?
VC: Anywhere!

CO: I like the way you think! Favorite season?
VC:  Honestly, I love living here in Hershey where,  due to our latitude, one is able to experience the highlights of all four seasons without the extremes.  No favorites, just when one is over you can say……next.

Cute baby girl. Vicki Caloiero's granddaughter, Lilia eating chocolateCO:  I always enjoy all four seasons too. I just wish winter were shorter…and after this year, I think many people would agree. What’s your favorite food?
VC:  Chocolate…go figure!  My granddaughter, too.

CO: She’s adorable. And I see what you mean about her passion for chocolate! If you could meet someone from history, who would you choose?
VC: My grandparents as children.

CO: That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Do you have a favorite quote?
VC: “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”  ~Lao-Tze

CO: I love that quote! And it’s so true. Thanks so much for sharing today, Vicki.  

Vicki Caloiero is a dedicated real estate professional with almost thirty years of experience. She adheres to a strong work ethic with an emphasis on commitment, communication, and personal interaction with her clients. Her understanding of the real estate market and a genuine enthusiasm for her career has contributed to her longevity in a field she loves. Vicki is well versed in both residential and new home sales, and is presently a listing representative for The Village at Springbrook Farms Carriage Homes. Whether she’s discussing real estate, art history, or Hershey, her enthusiasm and knowledge of her subjects is clearly evident.